We are thrilled to announce the second edition of the RENMAD H2 Awards to celebrate and formally recognize the exceptional work of leading actors, including companies, institutions as well as individuals. Their dedicated efforts drive progress in the sector within the context of a just transition, fostering social and environmental impact at European, national, and regional levels.

Check the rules of participation here

Take part in this second edition of the RENMAD H2 Awards by nominating and voting for your favorites in each category:

Hydrogen is on an unstoppable trajectory but still faces significant challenges in project execution. This award celebrates the contribution of pioneering projects that are paving the way for further projects and bringing certainty to the sector.

This award is aimed at projects that are either operating or in an advanced stage of development. Additionally, they must be innovative, respond to just transition principles, and have a positive impact on society and the local economy.

The objective of this award is to celebrate the renewable H2 project developer of the year.

It is aimed at recognizing developers of projects that are either already operational or in an advanced stage of development. Evaluation criteria will include innovation, respect for just transition principles and collaboration with other companies and institutions dedicated to strengthening the industrial fabric of Spain’s renewable hydrogen sector.

Electrolyzers are not only an essential component of the renewable H2 value chain but also a key part of the sector’s competitiveness.

The objective of this award is to recognize electrolyzer manufacturers who design equipment that is innovative, technically sound and financially competitive. Additionally, their production must scale up quickly to contribute to the rapid growth of the sector.

Innovation – whether technical, financial, or business model innovation – is key to ensuring the continued competitiveness of the renewable H2 sector.

The aim of this award is to recognize the most significant innovation of the year, whether in technical, financial, or business model advances.

This award recognizes the company in the renewable H2 sector that operates with a strict focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) values, in addition to a just transition policy, that demonstrates a positive impact on local society.


This award celebrates the personality of the year who is driving the renewable H2 sector forward, whether at a technical, outreach, or financial leadership level. Nominees will be judged on their role in gender mainstreaming to promote equal opportunities in the renewable hydrogen sector.

Nominate and vote for the person who has contributed the most value to the sector in their professional work.

There is a great inequality in the representation of women in the energy sector. It is therefore very important to identify and recognize the contribution of women’s work to the sector.

Nominate and vote for the woman who has contributed the most value to the sector in her professional work.

Basis of participation


  1. Categories
    1. Seven categories are defined in which nominations can be submitted for the RENMAD HIDROGENO 2024 Awards.
    2. The awards will recognize the value of the nominees’ actions over the course of 2023.
  2. Deadline and nomination process
    1. The deadline for nominations will be November 17.
    2. Candidates may nominate themselves, as well as others they feel are deserving of the award in each of the categories.
    3. Nominations will be made by filling out a form that will be available on the website.
    4. Specific information will be requested from each project and nominee as to why the nominee deserves to qualify:
      1. Organization responsible for the nominee project.
      2. A 100 to 200-word explanation of the candidate project and its relevance to the category for which it is being nominated.
  3. Beneficiaries
    1. Candidates may be individuals or legal entities that have stood out for their work in the field of renewable hydrogen.
    2. Candidates must have carried out their activities in Spain and/or have their headquarters in Spain, unless otherwise stated in the category description.
  4. Format and voting
    1. The entire process of the RENMAD HIDROGENO 2024 Awards will be decided through the public’s vote. This means that all stages, including nominations, selection of finalists, and winners, will be determined through popular vote.
    2. Only one vote per person will be counted, and the voter will receive an email confirming his or her vote.
  5. Selection of finalists
    1. Voting for finalists will open on November 21 and close on December 15.
    2. No person may be a finalist in more than one of the individual award categories. These are:
      1. Renewable H2 Personality of the Year.
      2. Woman in Renewable H2 of 2023.
    3. If the same person has been nominated for two individual awards and obtains enough nominations to become a finalist in both, he/she will automatically become a finalist in the category in which he/she has obtained the highest number of votes.
    4. Finalists will be announced on December 19.
  6. Selection of award winners and presentation of prizes
    1. On the same day the finalists are announced, the voting period to select the winners will open. Voting to select award winners will close on January 24, 2024. This is also the day on which the awards will be presented to the finalists with the highest number of votes.

Key dates:

  • Until NOVEMBER 17th

    Nominate the companies or individuals you believe deserve the award in each of the categories

  • NOVEMBER 21st


    Select your winner in each category by December 15th

  • DECEMBER 19th


    Four finalists per category will be announced. Cast your vote for your selected finalist in each category by January 24th at 17:00 CET.

  • JANUARY 24th

    Announcement of winners and award ceremony during the gala dinner at RENMAD HIDROGENO 2024