Premiere Edition of Italy’s Energy Storage Event

APRIL 16 – 17 2024, ROME


Capitalizing on energy storage: building and operating profitable projects in Italy

Energy storage isn’t just a solution—it’s the backbone for integrating renewables smoothly. With the steady rise in photovoltaic and wind installations plugging into the grid, the need for energy storage is skyrocketing.

Right now, Italy is one of the most attractive energy storage systems markets. According to the Italian Transmission Operator (TSO) TERNA the grid needs about 71 GWh of new utility-scale storage capacity by 2030 for the country to decarbonize its energy system and align with EU targets. This means a massive deployment of around 19 GW of large-scale energy storage capacity by 2030.

Despite the rosy picture of market opportunities, challenges and uncertainty also abound in the market. Even though the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security (MASE) is working to simplify regulations governing energy storage projects, there is still a lot of uncertainty at the regulatory level. This, coupled with technological risks, means that often there isn’t a clear, viable business model for energy storage projects in Italy. However, the business case for energy storage is set to get stronger as the government works to create a market for energy storage with new regulation and auctions.

Don´t miss the opportunity to attend RENMAD STORAGE ITALIA 2024 (Rome, 16-17 of April 2024) and join 160+ forward-thinking executives from the vanguard of the energy storage industry discussing how to develop, finance, build and operate profitable utility-scale energy storage projects in Italy

Dive deep into a market on the rise and discover how your investments can pioneer change in Italy’s energy storage industry.

Save the date: April 16-17 2024 

30+ expert speakers

180+ attendees

10+ hours of networking


  • Dive deep into the upcoming Italian energy storage capacity auctions, to hone your project strategies and clinch winning bids

  • Understand the revenue stacking models that work in Italy today and how they’re likely to evolve as the grid infrastructure changes

  • Untangle regulatory requirements of auctions, suitable areas (aree idonee), interconnections and understand where local energy storage needs are so that your project gets to ready-to-build (RTB) in record time

  • Learn best practices in permitting of standalone and hybrid renewables-plus-storage plants, accelerating your project’s permitting journey

  • Explore how to make your energy storage projects bankable, unlocking the doors to secure investment

  • Examine the technological options of lithium-ion chemistries and how to design, dimension, build and operate battery projects to minimize degradation and maximize life cycles

  • Research alternative energy storage technologies such as pumped hydro, molten salt thermal, flow batteries, compressed air, hydrogen and many more, and consider their track record to pick the best option for your projects

  • Case studies of energy storage projects in Italy and abroad


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Elena Spinelli

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Tomás Llompart