Hydrogen / Storage

On-site in Santiago de Chile, August 2nd and 3rd 2023

RENMAD CHILE, the leading event in the sector, is back!

The first edition of RENMAD CHILE was a great success and this year we are back for more, with a 100% renewed event. On this occasion, the event will have two tracks: one dedicated exclusively to renewable hydrogen and the other focused on the deployment of energy storage.

Non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE) has grown dramatically in Chile, from 800 MW in 2012 to 13,500 MW in 2022.

Thanks to the new Law on Electrical Energy Storage and Electromobility, renewables will now have an even greater role to play, which aims to increase the share of renewable energies in the electricity matrix through the promotion of storage technologies. The new regulatory framework allows stand-alone storage systems to be integrated into new segments such as PMGD, PMG and Net Billing and allows these systems to provide new services and receive the corresponding remuneration.

Did you know that Chile could represent one of the keys to the climate solution? The Latin American country has 23% of copper reserves, 51% of lithium reserves and a high potential in renewable energy, which could reach almost 70 times today’s total. With all the renewable energy, Chile could produce 200 million of tons annually of renewable hydrogen, the equivalent of three times the H2 produced in the world today, or 6 times the ammonia.

According to Chile’s national hydrogen strategy, between now and 2030 Chile will be able to produce the cheapest renewable H2 on the planet at US$1.5/kg; with more than 25GW of electrolyzers producing green H2 in Chile.

Chile’s government through CORFO has invested US$ 50 million in 6 demonstration pilot projects. And this is only the beginning, as more than 61 renewable H2 projects have been announced and are currently in different stages of development.

You cannot miss RENMAD CHILE: Hidrógeno / Almacenamiento. We will spend two full days discussing and sharing experiences on the future of hydrogen and energy storage in Chile. With over 70 expert speakers, more than 200 top-level professionals and over 7 hours of networking, it’s the perfect opportunity to create alliances with key players in the sector!

In addition, this year for the first time we will launch the RENMAD Chile Hidrógeno / Almacenamiento AWARDS, which are by popular vote and will be delivered in person at the event.

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We will bring together all the companies that have something to say and to contribute to the development of the hydrogen roadmap and the commercial deployment of energy storage to achieve the goals of the coming years.


  • Clarify your doubts on regulation, permitting, certification and blending of renewable hydrogen projects in Chile; and understand the role of the government as a facilitator of these processes
  • Identify national and international buyers and offtakers for your renewable hydrogen project
  • Explore the business models of renewable hydrogen projects and how your company fits into the value chain
  • Bankability: Discover how to mitigate contractual, financial, and technological risks in your hydrogen project to obtain financing on favorable terms
  • Discuss how to lower your project’s LCOH – reducing both CAPEX and electricity cost to get the most competitive renewable H2
  • Discover new electrolysis technologies such as AEM and compare their qualities with PEM, alkaline and SOEC, so you can choose the one that best suits your project profile and produce H2 at the lowest cost
  • Get lessons learned from real projects being developed in Chile and Spain to maximize the profitability of your project


  • Regulatory framework and permitting: Answer your questions and learn how to obtain all the permits you need to get your energy storage project up and running in record time
  • Analyze different business models for storage projects and how you can obtain the highest profitability in your plant
  • Bankability: Discover how to mitigate contractual, financial, and technological risks in your storage project to obtain financing on favorable terms
  • Analyze different electrochemical compositions of Li-ion batteries (LFP vs. NMC), AC vs. DC configurations, and different EMS and BMS systems to maximize the performance of your energy storage plant
  • Learn about real projects that are being developed in Chile and Spain and extract lessons that will allow you to maximize the profitability of your project.

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